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We have hot water boiler production with diesel, fuel-oil, natural gas, LPG, coal and pellet burning or electrical energy in different capacities between 80.000 ... 6.000.000 kcal/h. The ideal type of boiler in hot water boilers is 3-pass flame-smoke pipe scotch type cylindrical boilers. High efficiency, long life and low emission values are obtained in these boilers.
DESIGN: High pressure, 3 flow, flame-smoke pipe, cylindrical, hot water boilers are designed and manufactured in accordance with TS EN 12953, Loyd rules, TRD, DIN and EN Norms.
MATERIAL: The boiler shell, plate and combustion chamber are manufactured from P265GH or P355GH boiler sheet in accordance with EN 10028, smoke pipes are manufactured from boiler tube in accordance with EN 10216 or EN 10217.
Thanks to its design and calculations in accordance with European norms (EN 12953), the use of certified materials, its balanced design in thermal expansion zones and approved automatic welding methods, it has much longer trouble-free working times.
HIGH EFFICIENCYWith the 3-pass boiler technology and high heat transfer surface, our HWB series boilers have achieved efficiency values reaching 95-96% in DIN 4207-8 / norm usage efficiencies. After the fire and smoke gases formed as a result of a good combustion are circulated on sufficient heating surfaces, maximum heat transfer is achieved; smoke gases are thrown into the chimney without creating low temperature corrosion.Thus, it is environmentally friendly due to its high boiler efficiency and low NOx emission.

What is a Hot Water Boiler? When to Use a Hot Water Boiler?

Flame-smoke pipes circulating by flame-smoke gases formed as a result of the burning of a fuel that gives water as heat fluid on one side of the surface and on the other side, and closed system with a combustion chamber to pressure vessels producing hot water below 100 °C with saturated steam temperature at working atmospheric pressure. It is called hot water boiler. The main reason for the pressure in this pressure vessel is the first water pressure fed from hydrophore or mains. The pressure created by the heating of the water is almost negligible. For this reason, they do not cause any damage to the boiler room in the tears or cracks formed in the wall or furnace.

With the intensification of natural gas and LPG usage, there have been quite a few changes in boiler design techniques and technologies. In the boiler design, which burns solid and liquid fuel, it was not desirable for the flue gas temperature to fall below 180 ° C due to low temperature corrosion. For this reason, while 90/70 ° C hot water systems were used in the past, these values have decreased to 60/40 ° C and so on today. The heat transfer values have increased due to the fluid receiving the heat entering the boiler at a lower temperature.

2014/68 / EU Pressure Vessels and Module B + D Controlled

Points to Consider in Choosing a Hot Water Boiler;

* With the new generation modern boiler technology, the boilers that have a large size, low efficiency, do not burn some of the fuel, have a 3-pass water-smoke contact speed, increase the space-saving combustion chamber, expand the regime due to the low water volume, reduce the wall losses and replace the new design boilers. received.
The 3 passes should always be the primary choice.

* With 3 or 4-way motorized valve, the heating flow temperature should be adjusted automatically according to the outdoor temperature.

* By selecting the proportional burner device, heat input should be provided to the hot water boiler as much as it needs.

* If possible, 110% efficient condensing boilers recommended by our company should be preferred.

* Since the large NO burning and efficient operation is provided with the large burning chamber, the diameter of the burning chamber must be 300mm wider than the burner flame diameter.

* The burner should not be chosen according to the boiler capacity or be adjusted according to the boiler capacity. The aim is to run the burner at least with stop and go.

Hot water boilers are one of the most economical devices in terms of heating method. For this reason, high temperature process is preferred in situations where fast and sudden heating is not required. Especially greenhouse and farms are the most commonly used heating method for space heating.

Usage areas;

- Greenhouses
- Farms
- Chemical processes
- It is used in the food industry (fruit juice, pasta, cheese and milk products production and large ovens), as well as in sterilization.
- Fertilizer industry
- Building materials industry
- Paper industry
- It is used in areas such as wood processing (wood shaping).



Old type scotch type boilers are redesigned with modern technologies and new modern efficient three pass boilers are designed. Thanks to the large combustion chamber and the high and heat transfer surfaces, which have a second and third transition, in which the flue gas flows are balanced, full combustion occurs, maximum efficiency and low NOx emission values are achieved. Harmful emissions such as carbon monoxide, nitrous oxide are kept under CE standards with our special designs and approved by laboratories approved by the European Union.


The turbulence flow of the combustion gases was provided by the turbulators made of stainless and corten steel inside the smoke pipes, and the speed of the smoke gases in the pipe was increased and a high heat transmission coefficient was obtained.


Boiler front cover can be opened in both directions. The four corners of the boiler front cover can be adjusted independently of each other and a fully sealed closure is provided.


High temperature resistant (1371C) fire concrete was used in the front cover insulation. Full gas tightness is provided with flexible and thick glass fiber wick.


It has an aesthetic and modern exterior appearance with two layers of special protective white color paint on dip galvanized sheet.

HOT WATER BOILER, Hot Water Producer, Cascade Hot Water System, TSB ENERGY






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